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Driftless Style's flagship location recently closed.
We are in a season of transition and believe this time will lead to a path where our core values persist and this dream lives on in a new and inspiring way.

About Driftless Style

Founded in 2019, Driftless Style's brick + mortar shop has quickly become a must-visit location in Historic Downtown Cedar Falls. Every product in our curated collection has a story. It's the story of the person who makes it and the journey it's taken to get into your hands. Most importantly, the story is one of empowerment and opportunity. Feel the connection to the culture that inspires our product's creation as we work to combine a modern bohemian design with traditional artisan craft techniques.

Connection is Powerful

Whether we're walking the streets of a Guatemalan market, smelling Moroccan spices as we treasure hunt in the souks, or sitting with third-generation Argentinian wood makers, we have YOU in mind! We love the opportunity we have to connect you to this journey!