Driftless Style partners with several artisan groups located in India, whose crafts + trades vary. Each brings a unique + distinct expertise to our collection. 

One such group is an artisan family business that has a goal of bringing a little happiness and cheer to everyones’ lives through their fun-filled products. They certainly succeed! At our store, you will find some of their whimsical designs, including their Tapis Amis rugs. They are made from 100% wool and each piece is the result of much patience and love for the artisanal craft and traditional techniques. The rugs are tufted by hand before the cotton backing is attached. After this, the creatures get their last shave, cut, and are ready to travel the globe!

Driftless Style also carries some quirky brass designs. Made by the same artisan family business, these designs rely greatly on the traditional handicraft of brass casting. Liquid brass is poured into a mold, which is called casting. Once cooled and hardened, the brass is finished and polished. This process results in uniquely handmade objects.

Come in and check out our Indian throw blankets, which are a great example of how you can be inspired by the creative process. All of the textiles are naturally dyed using vegetable dyes, derived from roots, bark, leaves, flowers, or fruits. The patterns are printed onto the fabric using a wood block print, which is one of the earliest and simplest ways to print on textiles, and results in each piece being unique! It’s also super versatile; use it on a picnic or as a bedcover! We think you’ll fall in love!

Driftless Style values working alongside companies and artisan groups that value transparency, ethical production, and healthy workspaces. We are committed to supporting the cottage industry by seeking out and collaborating with family-run businesses, small enterprises, and urban entrepreneurs. We love how products can be and are developed in small batches using traditional techniques and sustainable materials.

The exploitation of women in India is another issue we are interested in disrupting there and around the world. We feel fortunate to have found a company that, through design, creates employment opportunities that support empowerment. Economically empowering women can transform the trajectory of entire families and communities, leading to widespread economic growth. Products from this artisan group even come complete with the hand-sewn Hindi signature of the amazing female artisan maker on the tag of each of their products. We think that’s an extra level of inspiring.