About Us

About Driftless Style
At Driftless Style, we want to invite you into a transparent way of doing business through a partnership-based purchasing model, where your purchases directly impact the lives of our artisan partners.
Driftless Style is a curated brand of artisan made goods that make a positive social impact. We offer handmade products that promote opportunity and empowerment. Through partnerships with global artisans, we are creating change in marginalized communities by promoting ethical practices. We also highlight American artisans who are giving back and doing good, because collaboration is powerful.

Every product in our curated collection has a story. It’s the story of the person who makes it and the journey it's taken to get into your hands. Most importantly, the story is one of empowerment and opportunity. Feel the connection to the culture that inspires our products’ creation as we work to combine a modern bohemian design with traditional artisan craft techniques.

So whether we’re walking the streets of a Guatemalan market, smelling Moroccan spices as we treasure hunt in the souks, or sitting with third-generation Argentinian wood makers, we have YOU in mind! And we have the pleasure of connecting you to this journey, too.

About the founders
Driftless Style is owned by husband and wife team, Kelsie and Tyler. They combine their love for business + beautiful design as a sustainable solution in creating a more fair and just............
Kelsie is a social entrepreneur with a passion to connect her local community to the world, by giving customers the chance to make an impact with their purchases. Through her travels to over 20 countries, on 5 of 7 continents, she has developed a profound love of diversity, unique design and the simple beauty of handmade artisan goods.

Tyler brings immense business experience to this team. He has founded and owns two other businesses, and operates much of what goes on behind the scenes with all of our plants here at Driftless Style.  

This is truly a family affair. If you are lucky enough to visit the brick + mortar location on Main St. in Cedar Falls, IA, you will most likely see Kelsie + shop dog, Hugo. Kelsie + Tyler's girls are "employees-in-training" and you may even see Tyler carrying plants.